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Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT)

Louisiana Purchase EBT Card

Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) is a method of delivering governmental benefits to recipients electronically. Louisiana uses magnetic stripe card technology. The card, which is referred to as the Louisiana Purchase Card enables recipients to access benefits at Point-of-Sale (POS) machines.



Mobile App Available Now!

Inmar LifeInCheck Mobile App available now Download the Life in Check iOS mobile app Download Life In Check EBT Android App

The new mobile app for iOS and Android smartphones provides direct access to account information, such as:

  • SNAP/P-EBT & Cash Balances
  • Next Available Benefit Date
  • Report Lost or Stolen Cards
  • Request Replacement Cards
  • PIN Selection
  • Recent Transaction History

Future plans include such innovations as digital coupons, nutritional engagement and mobile EBT transactions. Stay tuned for new feature announcements!



EBT Update
We switched EBT card vendors during the weekend of June 20, 2020.
  • Everything about your card works exactly the same. You will still use the same EBT card. You can still shop at the same EBT-accepting stores. You can still access information about your card, including your current balance, by calling the same toll-free number (1-888-997-1117). And your SNAP, FITAP & KCSP benefits will continue to be loaded onto your card on your same regular issuance date each month.

What does that mean for P-EBT recipients?

P-EBT cards mailed after Saturday, June 20 will look like the Louisiana Purchase EBT cards provided to SNAP recipients.

Louisiana Purchase EBT Card
P-EBT Cards Mailed After June 20, 2020
P-EBT Card Mailed Before June 20, 2020
P-EBT Cards Mailed Before June 20, 2020



Frequently Asked Questions

LifeInCheck EBT App

What is LifeInCheck EBT?

LifeInCheck EBT is a new smartphone app that provides EBT cardholders in Louisiana with easy access to information such as:

  • SNAP and cash account balances
  • Next available deposit date
  • Transaction history
  • And more!

The app was developed by Inmar Intelligence, the company that handles EBT cards and processing for DCFS, and is available for iPhones and Androids.

What are the benefits of the app?

Using the LifeInCheck EBT app allows you to:

  • Get your SNAP & cash balances
  • View next available benefit date
  • View recent transactions
  • Mark your card as lost or stolen
  • Request a replacement card
  • Select your PIN
  • Access helpful SNAP and cash information

In the future, DCFS also may send alerts about program updates or other important information for SNAP, FITAP and KCSP clients through the app.

I don't own a smartphone. How can I access the same or similar information?

You can access some of the app's features online at You can also get information on your SNAP or TANF (FITAP or KCSP) case(s) through the DCFS CAFE Self-Service Portal.

DCFS also sends alerts about program updates or other important information through text messages if we have a current mobile number on file for you. You can help ensure you receive these messages by updating your contact information in the CAFE portal.

What about P-EBT? Can I get information on my P-EBT account and balance in the LifeInCheck EBT app?

Yes. You will need a separate LifeInCheck EBT app login (with a different email address) for each EBT card you have. So if you have a P-EBT card and a SNAP card, you will need to create two logins for the app - one login with one email address for your P-EBT card, and a second login with a second email address for your SNAP card. Logging into your P-EBT account on the app will show your P-EBT balance and transactions (though the balance will appear under "SNAP" on the app), and logging into your SNAP account on the app will show your SNAP balance and transactions.

You can use the LifeInCheck EBT app to get your balance, view recent transactions, mark your card as lost or stolen, request a replacement card, select your PIN, and access helpful information about other benefit programs such as SNAP.

How do you download the app?

Search and download the app from the app store (Apple App Store for iOS devices and Google Play for Android devices).

To register, you must have an active SNAP, TANF (FITAP or KCSP) or P-EBT case with DCFS. Assuming you have an active case, you will also need the following:

  • EBT card number
  • Social Security number
  • Date of birth
  • Email address
  • Phone number

You will then select security questions, create a password and select a PIN (unless you already have one).

Is the app free?

Yes, the app is free to download and use.

What assurance do I have that my personal information is secure?

Federal law requires that the personal information of recipients of SNAP and other federal benefits be kept confidential and secure. Information that must be kept secure includes recipient names, Social Security numbers, benefit amounts, user IDs, passwords, PINs and personal account numbers.

In the case of SNAP, the U.S. Department of Agriculture Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) developed guidelines to ensure certain security controls are in place to protect recipients' information. The guidelines are based on both federal regulations and industry best practices.

User IDs, passwords and PINs are just some of the ways clients' personal information is safeguarded. The computer systems used to issue benefits and process EBT transactions are also put through rigorous testing and trial runs with FNS before they can be used to handle benefits. That includes the systems that issue benefits (on the DCFS side) and process EBT transactions (on the vendor side), and the mobile app, which communicates with the EBT system and therefore must also be secure.

For more information, please read Inmar's privacy policy at

What is the arrangement between this app and the Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services?

The LifeInCheck EBT app was developed by Inmar Intelligence, the company selected to handle EBT cards and processing for DCFS (unlike other available apps).

Why does DCFS recommend this app to its clients?

The LifeInCheck EBT app was developed by Inmar Intelligence, the department's EBT contractor, with the goal of helping DCFS clients manage their benefits in a way that is more efficient and convenient for them.

How is this app different from other EBT apps available in the marketplace?

The LifeInCheck EBT app was developed by Inmar Intelligence, which is directly contracted with DCFS. Other available apps are not reviewed and approved by DCFS so the information displayed can potentially be inaccurate and/or outdated.

Some unique features on the LifeInCheck EBT app include:

  • Card Replacement Request - You have the ability to request a replacement card if your card is damaged, stolen or lost.
  • PIN Selection - Through the app, you can select a new PIN or change your PIN.
  • Direct State Messaging - Coming soon, DCFS will have the capability to send broadcast messages through the app keeping you informed and updated to important news.
  • Self-Service Support - Coming soon, the app will allow you to write about problems you're having, and then a Customer Service Representative will reach out with a solution.

In future versions of the LifeInCheck EBT app, new features will be added enabling you to find easier ways to save money and shop healthy:

  • Digital Coupons - Enter your current retailer loyalty program information into the app and gain access to digital coupons. Clip and save them in your account to be used on your next shopping trip.
  • Prescription Discount Card - Search your prescription medication on the app feature and use the provided card at your favorite pharmacy to save money.
  • Nutritional Engagement Tools - Search products and scan product barcodes to understand more about their nutritional value. Each product will also be scored so you can track your progress towards eating healthier. 
General EBT Info

When are SNAP benefits loaded onto EBT cards?

SNAP (food stamp) benefits are posted to the recipient's account during the first 14 days of the month. Recipient benefits are accessible by 5:00 a.m. the morning after they are posted. Benefits are posted on the same date every month regardless of the day of the week. Holidays and weekends do not affect the date of benefit eligibility.

When will my next benefit be deposited into my account?

A benefit schedule for SNAP is provided in the Program Info section of the LifeInCheck EBT mobile app. Go to "My Account," then click "Benefits Schedule."

PLEASE NOTE: The "Benefits Schedule" in the app is for regular SNAP benefits only. Other benefits, such as Supplemental SNAP or P-EBT, are issued on a different schedule. For more information on Supplemental SNAP during the COVID-19 pandemic, visit our SNAP - COVID-19 FAQs. For information about P-EBT, visit our P-EBT Program page.

How are EBT cards secured?

Benefits are secure and accessible only to persons authorized by the recipient. The Personal Identification Number (PIN) is selected by the recipient and must be correctly entered in order to successfully complete all electronic transactions. As purchases are made at grocery store checkout lanes, recipient accounts are debited and the recipient is given a receipt which provides the remaining account balance.

How do I change my PIN for my EBT card?

There are 3 ways to change your PIN:

  • Mobile: Log into the LifeInCheck EBT mobile app and select the "My Account" icon on the bottom right of the screen. There will be a list of options available including one to change your PIN.
  • Web: Go to and select the "Card Management" tab on the top of the screen. This will bring you to a screen where you can change your PIN.
  • Phone: Call the EBT customer service line at 1-888-997-1117 and listen for the options to select a PIN or reset your PIN.

NOTE: PINs selected with any of the below patterns are not allowed:

  • Identical digits (1111, 2222, 3333, etc.)
  • Consecutive digits (1234, 2345, 3456, etc.)
  • Numbers that start with one or more zeroes (0657, 0051, 0001, etc.)
  • The last four digits of the cardholder's Social Security number
  • The cardholder's birthdate

REMEMBER: Do not write your PIN on your card or on anything else you carry in your wallet or purse, in case it is lost or stolen. Choose a PIN that is easy for you to remember, but hard for someone else to guess or figure out, in case you lose your card.

PIN Freeze After 3 Bad PIN Attempts:

After three bad PIN attempts, your account will freeze. Please know that your PIN will reset at midnight and you can attempt to use your card again or reset your PIN at that time.

What do I do if my EBT card is lost, stolen or damaged and I need to request a replacement?

If your card is lost, stolen or damaged, cancel your card immediately. You may request a new replacement card after you have canceled your current card. You can do this in one of 3 ways:

  • Mobile: Log into the LifeInCheck EBT mobile app and select the "My Account" icon on the bottom right of the screen. There will be a list of options available including one to deactivate or cancel your card and request a new replacement card.
  • Web: Go to and select the "Card Management" tab on the top of the screen. This will bring you to a screen where you can cancel your card and request a new replacement card.
  • Phone:  Call the EBT customer service line at 1-888-997-1117 and listen for the option to report your card as lost, stolen or damaged.

Will I be able to use my benefits while I'm waiting for my replacement card to arrive?

Unfortunately, you will be unable to use your benefits until you receive your new replacement card and select a PIN. After a new PIN is selected, your new card is activated and your previous balance and transaction information will be available on the new card.

What do I do if my balance is incorrect?

Follow these steps:

  • Sign into the web portal at or use the LifeInCheck EBT mobile app to view your most recent transactions and verify the transactions are correct.
  • If you have a concern about a specific transaction, call the EBT customer service line at 1-888-997-1117 to file a disputed charge.

Where can I use my EBT card?

You can use your EBT card anywhere in the U.S. that accepts SNAP EBT cards. The SNAP Retailer Locator allows anyone to locate nearby SNAP-authorized retailers by entering a street address, city, and state, or zip code. Enter your starting location and select a retailer or map point to get details and directions.

How do I use my EBT card at the store?

You can use your EBT card at any SNAP-approved retailer to buy eligible food (see below for eligible food listing) with your SNAP or P-EBT benefits. Locate a SNAP retailer with this interactive tool.

If you also have cash benefits, you can use the benefits to buy food and non-food items, or get cash back.

At checkout, swipe your EBT card through the machine. If you receive both SNAP and cash benefits on your EBT card, be sure to select the correct payment type when your card is swiped. The State cannot correct this after the transaction is complete and you have left the store. Follow the directions on the machine to enter your PIN. Always check your receipt to make sure the amount of the EBT purchase is correct.

How do I take out cash on my card?

If you receive cash benefits on your EBT card, you can use your card at a SNAP-approved retailer to request cash back (though not all stores allow this). Some stores will allow you to receive cash back with a purchase, and some stores may allow you to withdraw cash without a purchase. You must follow the store's policy regarding cash back or cash withdrawals.

You also can get cash from an ATM where EBT cards are accepted. Insert your card and enter your 4-digit PIN. Select "Withdrawal" from "Checking" and enter the dollar amount you want to withdraw.

What can I buy with SNAP or P-EBT benefits?

Eligible items are household foods such as fruits and vegetables; meat, poultry and fish; dairy products; breads and cereals; snack foods and non-alcoholic beverages; and seeds and plants that produce food for the household to eat.

Ineligible: Beer, wine, liquor, cigarettes and tobacco; vitamins, medicines and supplements (if an item has a "supplement facts" label, it is not eligible for P-EBT purchase); live animals (except shellfish, fish removed from water and animals slaughtered before pick-up from the store); prepared foods that are fit for immediate consumption; hot foods; pet foods; cleaning supplies, paper products and other household supplies; hygiene items and cosmetics.

For more information, visit USDA's SNAP Eligible Food Items page.

What will happen if I misuse my EBT card?

It is illegal to sell, trade or give away your SNAP benefits, PIN or Louisiana EBT card; to allow a retailer to buy your food benefits in exchange for cash; and to use someone else's SNAP benefits or Louisiana EBT card for your household. If you are found guilty of intentional program violations, you will be disqualified from SNAP benefits and will have to pay back any unauthorized SNAP benefits issued.